Ethical solutions for redundant corporate assets.

Increase your Social Responsibility and Brand Value

To reuse, repurpose and recycle as much redundant corporate assets as possible; our goal is 100%.

To repurpose redundant assets in the most socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible way.

To report our successes in a transparent, efficient, accurate and compelling way, empowering our clients to create buzz.

To drive change, by altering the perception of “waste” within the corporate community.

To make a difference to those in need, by giving redistribution priority to registered charities, conducting humanitarian aid projects beyond our own borders, recruiting corporate partners to assist, and involving volunteers.

To prove that a business can be socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and make a difference in the lives of people beyond its partners, employees and customers, while generating profit.

To highlight the contribution of our clients and partners, ensuring their recognition, and rewarding their participation.

Our mission is to support one or all of our four principle programs.

  • Hope & New Beginnings in a Box – Help NGO’s, charities, Non-for profits.
  • Bed in a Box – Help women’s shelters & friends in need.
  • Desk in a Box – Help new business start-ups.
  • School in a Box – Help international communities to meet their needs.

Become a Recipient by contacting us at

Waste2wonder is constantly expanding our redistribution network, to improve the amount that we repurpose. We also seek out new accredited recyclers to recycle new materials. If you are a charity, non-profit, NGO, or school, please contact our redistribution coordinator and fill out a Wishlist, to reduce your operating cost, and become part of the solution!