Waste2wonder removes, repurposes, and recycles redundant office furniture, supplies, and IT in the most environmentally and socially responsible way. We offer a transparent process and comprehensive report detailing where the items end up, and how those items have made a difference. Our goal is to redistribute your waste with zero percent going to landfill.

Waste2wonder is a business whose mission is to repurpose waste in the most socially and environmentally responsible way, through charities, non-profits, schools, and socially responsible non-government organization. Our primary goal is to support our four principal programs which support the charities we work along with.

We charge you for the services we provide, and the associated costs, such as disposal and recycling costs, administrative costs, and the maintenance of our redistribution process/network – but you are getting so much more than a mover with waste2wonder! Waste2wonder provides the added value of marketing exposure, and our comprehensive report that will afford you the opportunity to create your own buzz. Engaging waste2wonder is not only a green, socially responsible thing to do, but a rare marketing opportunity that you can’t afford to miss. You can expect a return on that investment in the form of increased brand value, and access to ecologically conscious customers, as well as intangibly valuable returns like social media exposure.

We find that our clients have gone through some stages of dealing with their items leading up to contacting waste2wonder. These often include: 1) I can sell them. You are not alone in thinking that you can take care of this yourself. Save yourself the time and hassle by calling waste2wonder; we are a one stop shop solution, can provide peace of mind regarding data and removal, and let your network know that these items were disposed of in the most socially and environmentally responsible way. 2) I can give them away to staff or charities. While it is nice to help out your staff members, they may not be able to take everything that you need removed, there are legal concerns having them remove specific items, and it can have an effect on their productivity. Charities are hesitant to accept donations of furniture, and usually require delivery, in result may not be able to take all the items you need removed. waste2wonder has an extensive network of charities that have told us exactly what they need. 3) I can call waste2wonder for a one stop shop solution. We promise that you can rest assured that all of your items will be safely removed, and that they will be repurposed, recycled, and disposed of in the most socially and environmentally responsible way. We can take care of any sensitive data, oversee the removal so you don’t need to, and be provided with a comprehensive report that you can use.

Waste2wonder initiates international repurposing projects where we use funds generated by the sale of redundant items, and the proceeds from recycling to ship repurpose-able items to international charitable projects. With doing so, our initial mission is to support local schools, NGOs, and non-for-profit charities.

Maybe, it depends on the arrangement you have made with the movers. For instance, some movers will charge you less because they plan on selling items. You should check to see what your contract with them includes. We have several transportation partners whom we contract regularly; they are reliable, efficient, and able to deal with unique logistical considerations, at a preferred rate. We recommend our partners be contracted, but if you have already hired movers, we aim to work with them to properly redistribute of your redundant items.

Yes, though the items may not be able to be repurposed; if there are no repurpose-able or recyclable items, as a last option, we will have to take it to landfill. That said, depending on the material the furniture is constructed of, we may still be able to reduce your waste by recycling it. If such materials can not be repurposed, or redistributed, funds generated from the disposal of these items would still support our four principal projects.

It depends on the quality and quantity of the redundant items; more items have greater transportation costs, whereas items of better quality are easier to redistribute. Other factors that affect the cost include the ease of accessing the items, as well as the time and location that they are being removed from. Remember that our cost includes the marketing services we provide, and the comprehensive report, which you can use to conduct your own marketing initiatives, or to write your corporate sustainability report.

The cost is estimated based on the survey conducted; we photograph the redundant items to be removed, establish whether we will be able to redistribute them immediately, the likelihood of being able to repurpose them in the near future, whether they are recyclable, and the overall number of tons redistributed, repurposed, recycled, and (hopefully not) disposed of. Although our estimates are relatively accurate, there may be some discrepancy between our initial estimate and the final report.

It depends on how long it takes to repurpose all of your redundant assets; but generally, we have the report to you within two months of the final day on the job site. We do our best to redistribute the items as soon as possible, because it costs us money to store them until we do. We have an extensive network at our disposal, with members who have requested a wide variety of items; this helps us to expedite the redistribution process, and the completion of your report.

Begin by describing what the items that you would like removed are, by email, phone, or web. We will get back to you to set up a meeting and arrange a free site evaluation.

Canadian law specifies that where charitable tax receipts are issued for donated items, they must be for the fair market value of the items, not the full market value. In cases where your items are redistributed to a non-profit, school, or NGO you will not receive a tax receipt.

Waste2wonder uses a third-party assessment of the fair market value of the items. We pass this value on to the charity receiving the items, and they issue the receipt to you directly.

Waste2wonder issues a legally binding transfer of title to you upon receipt of the items. There is a real need for many items. Additionally, all electronics can be recycled through the Ontario Electronics Stewardship program, if there is no way to repurpose the IT.

No, our quote is all inclusive. Waste2wonder anticipates the cost of recycling or disposal of items that there is no need for.

 Waste2wonder will feature you on our website, in our newsletter (coming soon), and on our social media feeds. Depending on the end recipient of the repurposed items, we may issue a press release, host an event to pack the items into an internationally bound shipping container, partner with volunteers to repurpose the items (leverage their publications/channels), even discuss the donation in online charitable/green communities. You have demonstrated your corporate social responsibility by engaging waste2wonder, we make sure our network knows about it, and empower you to let your own network know about it, by providing our comprehensive report.

Waste2wonder can provide as much security as you would like when dealing with sensitive data on your hardware. Our partners are accredited specialists. Let us know what your specific needs are, so that our quote will include this service.

Waste2wonder operates in the business-to-business sector. That said, here are some charities that may be interested in your furniture, clothing, and IT.


You can hire Waste2wonder when you are faced with this situation. Or, you can forward our sales information to your tenants, so that they have an option leading up to their move, to prevent your company from having to deal with the problem. In either case, waste2wonder is happy to help, and looks forward to a lasting partnership with you. Kindly contact us; we are always happy to discuss partnership opportunities.


While we try to provide a comprehensive selection of frequently asked questions, we are sure to miss your specific, less frequently asked questions. Please just e-mail info@waste2wonder.ca so we can try to answer your question ASAP.

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