What We Do

Waste 2 Wonder works with corporate clients that are relocating, decommissioning, or renovating their office space. Our services consist of the removal and handling of assets, re-purposing redundant furniture, IT and office supplies, and ultimately ensures all assets are accounted for through recycling, repurposing or resale. Through repurposing products, we offer the opportunity to donate furniture and offer support to your local community. We facilitate a relationship between your business, and the recipients that would benefit from your donations such as charities, non-profits, and schools in our redistribution network. By re-purposing these items, we reduce your disposal costs, offer the opportunity to generate revenues back into your company and reduce your businesses carbon footprint. By reporting the results, we provide and environmental report that increases your corporate social responsibility and brand value. 

Let's Make a Difference

  • Every year, billions of tonnes of office furniture, equipment, and supplies are disposed of into landfills, adding to the vast amounts of industrial waste through out our world. 
  • Most commonly this waste is due to a business relocating, closing or redesign. 
  • Most companies do not have the time, resources, or knowledge to handle their waste in a sustainable manner, though their business culture may be one that promotes eco-friendly solutions.
  • Increase your Social Responsibility and Brand Value
  • To reuse, repurpose and recycle as much redundant corporate assets as possible; our goal is 100%.
  • To repurpose redundant assets in the most socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible way.
  • To report our successes in a transparent, efficient, accurate and compelling way, empowering our clients to create buzz.
  • To drive change, by altering the perception of “waste” within the corporate community.
  • To make a difference to those in need, by giving redistribution priority to registered charities, conducting humanitarian aid projects beyond our own borders, recruiting corporate partners to assist, and involving volunteers.
  • To prove that a business can be socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and make a difference in the lives of people beyond its partners, employees, and customers, while generating profit.
  • To highlight the contribution of our clients and partners, ensuring their recognition, and rewarding their participation.
  • Waste 2 Wonder is in constant contact with charities, NGO’s, Non-profits, resellers, recyclers, shelters, and others in need. Our team has an up-to-date database of wish lists from these organizations reducing the time it would take to match potential recipients with your donations.
  • Waste 2 Wonder has a pre-screened network of pre-approved logistical partners who work within restrictions of project timelines, construction schedules and safety policies. Our partners provide Insurance liability covering your facility and WSIB clearance forms ensuring that any injuries that may occur on your site while dismantling and removing your redundant assets would not affect your firm.
  • Waste 2 Wonder will guarantee your organization and ROI on “Doing the right thing”. We work with resellers who coordinate the sale of assets bringing actual dollars back into your business. Our network of partners supply weight tickets and credits on any metal recycling dollars earned. We coordinate charitable tax receipts for your company where possible from asset recipients.