How Your Donation Can Make a Difference

When repurposing your redundant assets, Waste 2 Wonder offers an opportunity to reallocate a portion of the assets through donation. Waste 2 Wonder works closely with non-government organizations and non-profit organizations to assist in fulfilling donation requests.

While there are many different processes and forms of donation that can be equally beneficial to the organization, often there is a void left forgotten. Many of these organizations work with limited budgets, leaving only enough finances to support the cause and allow for the organization to continue operating. With extremely meager options many organizations struggle to cover all expenses required to successfully operate while supporting the purpose of their charity.

Often, when a donation is considered, it is easiest to donate to a charity, or NGO that is well known. Many of these larger organizations have plenty of support from being well established and having a strong presence within the community. While every donation provides the opportunity to support the cause and make a difference, often smaller organizations are conflicted when overhead budgets are limited. A charities spending can include governance cost such as accounting or auditing, this is essential to ensure the charity is being run effectively. They invest in fundraising and will sometimes raise money by selling goods or services to generate a profit which is added together with public donations and helps them go further.

In the past, Waste 2 Wonder has been able to support a local charity through in-kind donations. Previously Waste 2 Wonder was approached by a volunteer from a non-profit called Scarborough Food Security Initiative (SFSI), seeking office furniture for their program. Waste 2 Wonder provided desks and filing cabinets to help furnish their office space. Our donation was significant in supporting their initiative as most of their funding was reliant on funding, grants, and personal donations.

Waste 2 Wonder has identified the support of such organizations as our main objective. Making a difference supporting those who make a difference in our communities. 


As office environments and staffing requirements change many facility managers and office managers are asking themselves “what do I do with our used furniture”? The idea of hiring move crews to simply dismantle, remove and send redundant corporate assets to a landfill not only contradicts what it means to be a good corporate citizen but also doesn’t offer any value to the corporation.

Donating furniture to Non-Profits who lack budgets to purchase office furniture is a generous and environmentally responsible way to liquidate end of life assets, but where do you start? Most companies abandon the idea of donating redundant assets when they realize how time consuming the process is, how difficult it is to coordinate logistics and how they may expose the corporation to potential liabilities.

Hiring an environmental consulting firm such as Waste 2 Wonder would resolve these issues by consolidating all these tasks into a single bespoke solution.


Waste 2 Wonder is in constant contact with charities, NGO’s, Non-profits, resellers recyclers, shelters and others in need. Our team has an  up to date database of wish lists from these organizations reducing the time it would take to match potential recipients with your donations.


Waste 2 Wonder has a pre-screened network of pre-approved logistical partners who work within restrictions of project timelines, construction schedules and safety policies. Our partners provide Insurance liability covering your facility and WSIB clearance forms ensuring that any injuries that may occur on your site while dismantling and removing your redundant assets would not affect your firm.


Waste 2 Wonder will guarantee your organization and ROI on “Doing the right thing”. We work with resellers who coordinate the sale of assets bringing actual dollars back into your business. Our network of partners supply weight tickets and credits on any metal recycling dollars earned. We coordinate charitable tax receipts for your company where possible from asset recipients.

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