Who We Are

Waste 2 Wonder works with companies and small business to relocate their redundant assets due to an office space relocating, undergoing a redesign, or closing. Facilitating the entire project from removal of office supplies, furniture, and equipment. Waste 2 Wonder offers endless opportunities to repurpose, resell, recycle, and relocate through donation. Offering our resources and knowledge to handle your ‘waste’ in a sustainable manner. With our services, we present a better option, that is convenient, time saving, socially responsible, newsworthy, and continues to provide value beyond the end of a project and beyond the facilities management department.

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Waste2wonder is constantly expanding our redistribution network, to improve the amount that we repurpose. We also seek out new accredited recyclers to recycle new materials. If you are a charity, non-profit, NGO, or school, please visit our 'Donation Recipients' page and let us know how we can help to reduce your operating cost and become part of the solution!

Waste 2 Wonder continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We support our environment from limiting the amount of waste in landfills and support our community through in-kind donations. Together we can!

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