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Every year, thousands of tons of office furniture, IT, and supplies are thrown into landfill, releasing thousands of pounds of carbon into our environment. Often, the items being disposed of are still in good condition; companies simply take them to landfill out of convenience.

Charities, schools, non-profits and NGOs often do not have the capital for amenities such as desks, tables, chairs, white boards, tack boards, monitors, or office supplies. Many are forced to settle for used or donated items, often of questionable quality. Any organizations that do spend money for such items, are ultimately increasing their overhead costs, reducing the potential impact on their cause, or end recipients.

waste2wonder presents a better option, that is convenient, time saving, environmentally sound, socially responsible, news worthy, and continues to provide value beyond the end of the project, and beyond the facilities management department. All the parties involved benefit from our services:

  • – Our client’s problem of redundancy disposal becomes an opportunity to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase their brand value.


  • – Our recipients are enabled to perform the socially conscious tasks they set out to do, and receive attention from a network of users, sponsors, and service providers that may have overlooked them otherwise.


  • waste2wonder makes a difference to the planet, connections to potential clients or recipients, and a service fee while we are at it.